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chloë. 16. isfp; "but if you look closer, you might see someone like you, someone trying to find their way. ” //
Anonymous said: Learn to take a joke....

No???? I don’t take that as a joke???? Because it isn’t a joke????

Anonymous said: Tate doesn't dance at MDP? She used to dance at Drewtiz Dance Productions but she's independent. Just to let you know because you tagged her gif with MDP.

Oops. I probably confused her with Talia because I do that a lot. And I’m fucking stupid.

Anonymous said: ever tryed making some friends on here jeez


if anyone ever found me even remotely worth talking to on here- I’d be 100% up for it. and I’m hoping that there are people that consider me a friend on tumblr??? just because I’m not one of the people that openly interact with large number of people, it doesn’t mean that I don’t talk with people privately, thanks.

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Little princesses


kiddancers’ Challenge

Day 8 - Favorite Male Dancer

Gabe de Guzman


Little Dancers + Friendships

Kaylee and Peyton

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Addy for Dancewear Solutions